Surface Densifying and Protective Treatment

Special formulation for combining silicate densifier with stain protection. Excellent choice for freezers and cold storage, grocery and food service.

Product Description

FLOR-SHIELD™ is a two component reactive hydrophobing impregnating treatment that combines surface hardening with stain resistance. This unique chemistry becomes a permanent part of the oor and will not migrate or wear over time. Surfaces treated with FLOR-SHIELD™ benet from increased strength, durability, and reduced efflorescence.

FLOR-SHIELD™ provides exceptional stain resistant without building a film on the surface. The resulting finish is a low gloss solution that will protect concrete or polished surfaces for many years. Surfaces protected with FLOR-SHIELD™ have unique protective benefits that include increased strength and durability, reduced the porosity and increased hydrophobic characteristics which provide protection against alkaline degradation, water intrusion and salt brine crystallization (sub-florescence). DIAMATIC FLOR-SHIELD™ is an excellent solution for cold storage and freezer rooms. Because of its unique chemistry it can protect concrete from extreme cold, freeze thaw cycles, and salt intrusion. It will provide stain resistance for food service or storage areas and further reduce permeability in concrete surfaces. May be used on interior concrete floor or exterior concrete flatwork. Do not allow the material to freeze.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Extends the service life of the floor
  • Penetrates and seals existing hardened floors
  • User friendly, non-whitening
  • Improves chemical and water resistance
  • Can be used for freezer and cold storage
  • Increases abrasion resistance
  • Environmentally friendly — VOC compliant
  • Reduces alkalinity / efflorescence
  • Helps prevent chloride intrusion
  • Can be used on exterior concrete
  • Can be used to prevent freeze thaw damage from occurring