Low-Gloss Additive

FLOR-FINISH™ Low Gloss Additive is specifically designed to create a low gloss finish on polished concrete floors.

Product Description

Use FLOR-FINISH™ Low Gloss additive to produce polished concrete floors with a satin or low gloss finish. This flattening agent has been specially developed to be added to our standard FLOR-FINISH™ High Gloss material. After the application the gloss level on the floor will be an average of 15-25 points less than a normal reading of a digital gloss meter. The Low Gloss Additive will not affect the stain resistant properties of FLOR-FINISH™ in any way, making this a perfect choice for producing a low gloss finish.

Application Details

The application temperature range should be between 40-90 degrees F (5-32 C).

Ultraflor Low Gloss Additive

  1. After the final polishing step has been completed the surface should be thoroughly cleaned and burnished with a FLOR-GRIT diamond impregnated Pad. Note: For the best results the last diamond pass should not be higher than a 400 grit diamond. The mechanical gloss level on the surface should not exceed 35-40 before the application of the Low Gloss Additive.
  2. Add a full 1 quart container of the Low Gloss Additive to 1 gallon of FLOR-FINISH™ and mix thoroughly. You can add this directly into a sprayer or a 2 gallon pail.
  3. Note: You will need 1 quart of the Low Gloss Additive for each gallon of FLOR-FINISH™ required. Keep the unused portion in a separate container and mark it clearly. Using the Low Gloss Additive will extend your FLOR-FINISH™ coverage rate based on volume.
  4. Apply FLOR-FINISH™ in the standard manner following all the instructions provided in the FLOR-FINISH™ TIS sheet.