Sistema Silex


Diamatic® is pleased to announce the Acquisition of Silex™ Custom Concrete Solutions based in Oklahoma City, OK. Silex™ specialty wet polishing chemistry and patent pending true planetary trowel polishing equipment represent a unique and effective solution for new construction concrete polishing.  «With the rapid growth of new construction and advancement of concrete mix designs, we feel Silex ™ can offer a highly productive, high quality solution for our customer base.» stated Stephen Klugherz, President of Diamatic®. “Silex™ Velox™ Trowel is by far the most advanced and only true gear driven trowel available in the market today!” stated Tommy Clay, President of Silex™. “The combination of Diamatic’s® engineering capabilities and global reach make this partnership a natural fit to take our designs and patents to the next level.»
Diamatic will introduce a full  line of trowels at WOC 2018 along with a transport system.

For more information please email at or call 866-295-5512.

For any Silex Order please call our Diamatic offices or place your order online through los chicos del maiz online castellano


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