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Flor-Guard Maintainer

FLOR-GUARD™ Maintainer
High-speed Microfiber Mop Down Gloss Treatment

For Polished Concrete, Factory-finished Stone and Terrazzo, and Used as a High-speed Maintenance Gloss Treatment with Diamond-impregnated Pads.
Concentrated Product (Dilute 1 part to 2 parts water)

Perfect for Maintenance and Restoration of Ultra-Flor™ Polished Concrete and Terrazzo Surfaces

Advantages & Benefits

•  Repairs scuffs and marks without build-up
•  Non-film forming, contains no wax
•  Improves gloss and shine
•  Will not yellow or discolor with age
•  Increases durability of concrete finish
•  Neutral pH chemistry does not affect floor
•  Economical – dilutes with water finish when recoating
•  Extends the life of floor finish – removes surface marks
•  Helps buff away heel and scuff marks
•  Labor-saving – just microfiber mop down and high-speed burnish /buff when dry


8,000 to 10,000 sq. ft. per gallon (200-250m2 per liter). Note: Coverage or treatment yield will vary with concrete quality, porosity, finish, and environment.